Low impact fall tester

Menguji ketahanan plug/steker terhadap tumbukan yang di berikan pada sampel uji. Hasil uji harus menunjukan tidak adanya kerusakan

Model: UT-001
Deimensi: 300 x 150 x 450
Sampel uji: plug/steker
Sesuai standar: SNI IEC 60884-1, gambar 27

The specimens are subjected to an impact test by means of an apparatus as shown in figure 27. The apparatus, positioned on a pad of sponge rubber 40 mm thick, is placed together with the specimens in a freezer at a temperature of (–15 ± 2) °C, for at least 16 h. At the end of this period, each specimen, in turn, is placed in the normal position of use as shown in figure 27, and a weight is allowed to fall from a height of 100 mm. The mass of the falling weight is (1 000 ± 2) g. After the test, the specimen shall show no damage within the meaning of this standard

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