Pin abrasion tester-01

Pin abrasion tester-01
Untuk menentukan ketahanan abrasi pin isolasi steker/plug dengan cara mensimulasikn gerakan mengkikis terhadap pin isolasi sampel uji.

Plug pin abrasion Tester. to determine the abrasion resistance of insulating sleeves of plug pins by moving backwards and forwards, according to SNI IEC 60884-1 Figure 28.
The test apparatus comprises a horizontally disposed beam, which is pivoted about its center point. A short length of steel wire, 1 mm in diameter and bent into a U-shape, the base of the U being straight, is rigidly attached, at both ends, to one end of the beam, so that the straight part projects below the beam and is parallel to the axis of the beam pivot.

The plug is held by a suitable clamp in such a position that the straight part of the steel wire rests on the plug pin, perpendicular to it. The pin slopes downwards at an angle of 10° To the horizontal.
The beam is loaded so that the wire exerts a force of 4 N on the pin.
  • Model : PAT-01
  • Power Supply : 220V 50Hz
  • Dimensi(mm) : 500 x 350 x 350
  • Berat (Kg) : 20~30 Kg
  • Counter Display : 6 Digit
  • Tingkat abrading : 30 ± 1 gerakan per menit
  • Beban: 4-0.1N
  • Gerak maju mundur mengkikis: 7 – 9 mm
  • Counter Digit : 6 Digit
  • Sudut pin  sampel : 10°
  • Radius pin baja: 0,25 mm ± 0,02 mm
  • Kecepatan mengkikis: 20 mm/s ± 5 mm/s
  • Sesuai Standar : SNI IEC60884-1 Figure 28

Pin abrasion tester - 01


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