Burning Test Machine

Aplikasi: Menentukan tingkat proteksi sampel terhadap pembakaran linear/nyala api, bara api & percikan api yang dapat merusak spesimen.
Model : FM-02
Suplai daya : AC 220V, 50Hz
Kategori : Flammability Tester
Dimensi(mm) : 1100 X 600 X 800 mm
Berat (Kg) : 75 ~ 90 Kg
Produk/sample uji : Plastik & material lain non logam
Sesuai standar : SNI ISO 845, ISO 9773

It screening procedure for comparing the relative burning behavior specimens made from plastic and other non-metallic materials, exposed to a flame ignition source of 50W or 500W nominal power. These test methods determine the linear burning rate and the after flame/afterglow times, as well as the damaged length of specimens. They are applicable to solid and cellular materials that have an apparent density of not less than 250kg/m3, determined in accordance with ISO845. Then do not apply to materials that shrink away from the applied flame without ignition; ISO9773 should be used for thin flexible materials.
  • Timing device with four digit 9999X0.1s
  • Automatic Carried unit device for movement of needle
  • Smoke/fume exhaust Ø 113 mm incorporated in chamber
  • Black painted cabinet more than 0,5 m (2.05 m )
  • Gas flow regulating valve for flame height, manual adjustment
  • Gas pressure regulator and safety control
  • Needle burner tilt to 45° from the vertical, manual adjustment
  • Ring Stand easy to grip the sample
  • Preset time of testing; 5s, 10s, 20s, 30s, 60s, 120
  • Lighting inside the cabinet and fan control
  • Easy manual panel control with push button lamp
  • Timer Display for record data time burning, time flame
  • Time for temperature to increase (100° to 700°; 23,5 s)
  • Combustion angle 0 , 20 , 45
  • Height of flame Up to 125 mm
  • Gas Supply Propane min 95% purity


Produk : Burning Test Machine

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